Binzhou city tripod cheung textile co., LTDWas built in2005Years,Is a modern science and technology of textile enterprises,The company is located in binzhou city in shandong province north of the north sea science and technology industrial park,Company factory covers an area of100m。 The company well-equipped,Management practices,Leading domestic product and technology innovation ability,Company all adopt the international and domestic advanced equipment,Through the quality management system certification、Environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification。2015In the company out part of the old spindles,Intensify in the production of some change,Make the company more to improve product quality,In line with the quality、The strategy of the operation of the quality oriented...
• Strategic cooperation[2018/04/13]
• The company has passed the certification of quality management system、Environmental management system and post...[2018/03/09]
• The company well-equipped,Management practices,Products and technology innovation ability...[2018/03/09]
• The company is located in binzhou city in shandong province north of science and technology industrial park,The company's total...[2018/03/09]
 Address:Shandong binzhou beihai industrial parkMr. Wang Deputy general manager 13396490210
 QQNumber: 942236158 WeChat:942236158

Binzhou city tripod cheung textile co., LTD
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